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Plumbing Service In Chatsworth


Be sure to check your dryer and clear your lint trap of any debris. This can save you a lot of trouble, including preventing fires. See to it that you look at the lint trap and find out if it has tears or holes in it that could cause lint to go inside your pipes. This could lead to clogs or other problems in the future. Plumbing services have evolved a lot! Being a plumber was not so complicated 50 years ago as it is now, especially in big urbanized areas like American cities.

In heavily populated areas like Los Angeles County, new tools and fixtures are entering the market every day. Plumbers need to work with other industries; plumbing and other fields are merging creating beneficial relationships. For example in England pipe rehabilitation technology received assistance from chemistry when they came up with a sleeve that when damped with an special chemical mixture becomes as hard as a regular ABS pipe, it is known among professionals in the industry as a “liner”. Mechanical engineers came up with a trench-less pipe replacement system which uses a hydraulic pull, a steel bursting head and a steel cable to burst its way through the ground breaking and replacing the old pipe with a new one. This is known in the plumbing industry as pipe bursting or plain trench-less.

Plumbing is going side by side with technological advances, providing us every time with better services that are less conflictive with our daily busy urban lives.

Plumbing Service In Chatsworth


As a homeowner you will need a plumber that knows drain cleaning. Whenever you have a clogged drain you need to know who to call. Always hire plumbers with the proper skills. During the bad economic times we’ve seen many people try to fix complicated plumbing problems themselves, usually this ends up costing more money at the end of the day.


There are several ways to clean a drain line. Rooter Drain Expert has the latest in technology and the best in drain cleaning equipment to get any job done big or small. One of our best tools is the Jet Rooter machine also known as hydro jetter. We also use a sewer camera to inspect all the sewer pipes we hydro jet to make sure all pipes are fully cleaned.


Rooter Drain Expert can replace your residential and commercial drain pipe with the use of trench-less sewer repair and replacement technology. No major digging required save your landscape, save your drive way, save time and money. Please see the photos as a reference for how much digging is required when doing a trench-less project.


Lining technology is an alternative to the trench-technology. We offer our clients different solutions and recommend the one that is more convenient to them. Lining technology uses chemicals reactions and a sleeve to produce a new pipe inside an old pipe. It is a very complex concept but hopefully the graphics below will help picture the technology better.

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Why Hired A Licensed Plumber?

Rooter Drain Expert always advises for any individual to hire a licensed plumber. It is really important that you know the importance of hiring licensed plumbers. The State of California says that anyone who is going to work in a project valued in more than $500.00 must be licensed. Hiring someone who is not properly licensed can cost you a lot of money in worker compensations ( if a worker injures himself’/herself in your property).

You can verify license numbers online here, or you can call the CSLB (California State License Board) 1.800.321.2752

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